Authorship Guidelines

  • All the authors should have been involved in the writing of the research paper & they must have read and approved the final manuscript.
  • The major contributor of the paper should be nominated as the first author.
  • All the authors should mention their complete names along with their affiliations.
  • The corresponding author should also provide their contact number and email address.
  • All the communication will be made with the corresponding author of the paper.
  • All the authors are responsible for any possible violation(s) in the paper.

Manuscript Guideline
Manuscripts should be written in English following any format, British or American, throughout the manuscript.
Instructions for the formation of research article can be accessed at the link given below.
Title, Abstract (not more than 250 words) and keywords (Max. 5) Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussions, Conclusions, and References 
Word Limit: 
Papers should not be more than 8000 & not less than 3500 words, including figures, tables, and references. The following guidelines should be followed:
References should be in APA style.
This should include the full author names (with no titles or qualifications), institutional addresses (Department, Institute, City, Country), and email addresses of the corresponding author. Authors and affiliations must be linked using superscript numerals. The corresponding author should also be indicated.

After the paper is accepted for review, there can be no change in the number of authors or sequence.